About Us

What We Stand For

To promote mutual understanding, co-operation, interaction, and fraternal relationship amongst the graduates of the UNIBEN and Business Admin 07

To organize seminars, conferences, and symposia on matters of contemporary interest to all members and students of UNIBEN; to impact and develop human capacity in the society

To contribute our quota to Business Administration department and University of Benin as a whole; in whatever way possible, in its pursuit to develop and maintainning a tradition of excellence.

To build relationships with local and non-local businesses and professionals to provide us with the connections that promotes future opportunities for all members etc.

We are United

United we stand divided we fall, no other group takes this as far as we do.


Be it with each other or with the world at large, it is always a competition.


Ever meet a bunch of unique individuals that don’t know how to give up. Well now you have

Our Story

The Story of Way Back When
The Business Administration class went through the University of Benin, Ugbowo campus between 2004 to 2007, under Professor E.A.C Nwanze as Vice Chancellor.

These years in school were relatively peaceful, stable and fun! There were no closures or strikes, the online process was initiated with our set; so as jambites who were naive to technology, we scampered around Afrihub centres stationed in major designations; to either fill clearance forms, pay school fees or apply for accommodation using scratch cards. Even then, we were seen as favored “jambitoes” because of the adaptation of electronic means which older students referred to as “easier wahala”.
Other striking features of the great UNIBEN was the very evident Red sand of the topography, the acceptance of pidgin English as the town’s lingua franca and the culture of greeting others – ‘Domo’ and ‘Kor’ salutations to both strangers and familiar faces.

For a lot of class members, drawn from other regions, tribes and backgrounds – UNIBEN eventually became home for four (4) years at least.

Gradually, from naive jambites who rushed for seats at basement (lecture theatres); east or west wing, we trembled at how people failed GST 123 ( after all, we were social science students, why did we have to take core sciences?). Meanwhile, sitting through Dr. Ahmed’s Eco classes though social science, left chills in our marrows, we couldn’t wait for such bubbles to burst and get done eventually!
We had very brilliant lecturers, then, like Mr. Andrew Tafamel, Mr. Rawlings Igbinowahia, Mr. Ogaga, Mr. Ibrahim and Miss Esther. Other older lecturers that imparted us as we moved on were late Professor Agbadudu, Dr. E Prest, Dr. Ijewere, Dr. Akinmayowa, late Dr. Unugbro, Dr. F. Iyayi, Dr. Unyimadu, Dr. Osanyemon but to mention a few.

These brilliant scholars taught us, using different approaches to ensure that we were bended and remoulded to be the best version of ourselves.

Our class consisted of very sagacious and politically divergent members. The end of sessions, usually for executive elections were always very tensed, with heated campaigns (be it smear or supportive) filling the atmosphere. Through all of this, the only position that was not under extreme opposition was the class representative slot – which was filled by our amiable Abubakar Kadiri and Tina Uwagbe. As far as the class could see, he was a jolly good fellow who could do no wrong in their eyes.
From the class also emerged student politicians such as Nigerian Union of Administration and Business Students (NUAMBS) parliamentarians Oriloye Nathaniel, Clement Ogbevire, Austin Ilugo, Itopa Bello; NUAMBS Executives such as Wole Adeshina, Sonia Megbulugba, Florence Aitah, Joy Monye, Emmanuel Nwaka and Emmanuel Iyamu.

Appointed executives were Adewale Ashogbon (Editor) and Onovughe Okpodu (Chairman, Budget Committee). Pioneer Executives for the Management Sciences Students Association (MASSA) again were Emmanuel Iyamu (Governor), Emmanuel Nwaka (PRO). At Student Union Government (SUG) level, our class offered outstanding support to our own Enoma Aigbovorhiuwa, who became the first Director of finance from Social/Management sciences for the 2005/2006 session.

Within our class arose peculiar skills and talents. We had three classmates who were footballers. Albert Izokun was the school’s choice goalkeeper, as well as Tosan Asenguah and Nnamdi Njugoh were good players for the team that won faculty and inter university tournaments.

We also had a class Pastor, the late Gabriel Ifada, who sparingly started but grew his confidence and became the class Pastor. At any opportunity, he would preach to class mates, mediate over quarrels and engage people personally to ensure their well being. In all that four years, we saw and conquered and remain ever grateful that we shared a bond – a common class for four (4) unforgettable years.